the Sarajevo rose

my definition of beauty has changed since arriving in Sarajevo on Saturday.

a Sarajevo rose

these scars on the ground, created by mortar, are filled with red plaster, to represent love, blood, death, and beauty. I have seen damaged cities. but Sarajevo is different. the destruction is from a war. every building is damaged. the city is now beautiful, cosmopolitan, and peaceful. but the scars are the building are a constant reminder of what can happen. and what did happen. many Sarajevans dont speak about the war, especially what they saw and experienced during it. Ive heard a few extremely graphic stories that only make me sad.

I have been in Europe just over a week now. I am adjusted. I continue to question whether or not I am an experienced traveler, or if I am just mellowing out over time. nothing here stresses me out. I found my internship after my 90 minute commute and didnt miss a step. maybe its Sarajevo. maybe its me. but everything makes sense here, even if its not ideal. the keyboards are strange (where is that apostrophe key?!), the conversion rate keeps messing me up, and I have been sick since arriving in Budapest. but overall, life is fine. more than fine. maybe I wanted to do HIV/AIDS work in India. and maybe it will be difficult to explain my experiences to those in my program, due to the fact that half of us are in the same country and it will not seem as “interesting”. but this is my summer. and I am not here for me. I am here for everyone else.

I can learn from the Bosnians.


3 thoughts on “the Sarajevo rose

  1. amanda a

    You write so beautifully, c. It’s inspiring to hear how your experiences are changing your views. You always seem to know how to take the most out of every situation & learn as much as you can. Your acceptance & love & compassion for new people consistently never ceases to amaze me.

    You are a fabulous girl, love. You will go so far. <3 I'm proud to know you. & I can only hope to somewhat follow in your footsteps & gain new perspectives on your outlook in life.
    Spread your wings, love. You've got a beautiful journey ahead of you.


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