role of a role model

to be honest, I’ve never considered myself to be a role model. my life is more difficult at times than I have alluded to and I have been through a lot. however, at 24, I feel strangely out of place when younger people tell me they idolize me. I didn’t really have role models growing up. there was one woman I looked up to when I was in high school when I volunteered with MESD Outdoor School, and we occasionally email. but genuine role model? no. which is likely why I am more confused when I have now become a role model to many. what defines my role of being a role model?

I talked with a friend of a friend online today, and after our conversation she told me, well if you ever feel down, just even for a second, just remember you made one little girl feel important, and saved her life. I feel like this is too much responsibility for me. too much has been attributed to a single conversation. she is in a bad spot right now, and I am doing excellent. it’s just… surprising that my words and experiences can have such an impact on someone else’s life.

I live my life in a simple manner. let life happen.


One thought on “role of a role model

  1. Jane

    just remember this too: no matter what, you trying to make a difference is what counts. and whether you like it or not, you are a great role model, just by letting life happen. just don’t let it put to much pressure on you – live your life the way you deem right.


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