beyond a metropolis

This weekend my roommate (she’s in my program at DU) and I went to Mostar to visit other friends from DU and explore the city. Strange to think I have less than 5 weeks left in Bosnia. I was incredibly sick the first 2 weeks here and was unable to explore Sarajevo or travel on the weekends, and I now feel almost rushed to see as much as possible before I leave Bosnia for a handful of other countries in the Balkans.


We had an excellent weekend, filled with coffee, fish, walking, planning a rafting trip, local wine, watching the US/Ghana match, and a day trip to Kravice Falls. I was happy that I was able to see more of Bosnia than just Sarajevo, and I realized how often travelers will visit one city within one country and then state they have “seen” the country. I spent 3 weeks in Kenya, and spent time in Nairobi and on the coast. can I now say that I have been to Kenya, and thus Africa? can someone travel to the US, stay in New York City, and therefore has seen the US? I am speaking outside of the literal version of semantics (yes, if you have been to NYC you have been to the US. but is NYC representative of the entire country? clearly not). If I spent my entire life in a single country I may still never truly understand the culture, the people, the lifestyle, let alone only spending weeks or months somewhere.

to me, traveling is more than just stamps in my passport.

On another note, I was happy to fill the “crazy American” stereotype this weekend at Kravice Falls. the weather was cold and wet, especially with the mist off of the falls, but 3 of us were determined to jump in, regardless of the temperature. of course, right as we finally settled that we were in fact jumping, two large busloads of Spanish and Italian tourists (on their way to Međugorje, the Catholic miracle site of 1981) pulled up and proceeded to film us jumping into the water. my friends also took video, which will be promptly posted once I get my hands on a copy!

here is a photo I stole of Kravice Falls. it’s amazing how much there is to do in Bosnia. the country is simply beautiful.

Kravice Falls

heres a photoset of a few more pictures of Mostar/my weekend I stole from facebook :)


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