observations of a Sarajevan

I just realized that I’ve been in Europe for over a month now, and Bosnia for almost a month. I’ve been slated to work on a few new projects for my NGO which I am utterly excited about… they are through Save the Children UK and UNICEF, plus I will be designing and starting all of the BiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina) social media networking (facebook and twitter). I am quite delighted :)

here are some things I have learned and observed (which are all my own judgement and opinion) of Bosnian (specifically Sarajevan) life:
– Sarajevan fashion is utterly overrated.
– many Sarajevans don’t care about joining the EU because they are already in Europe, which I find interesting.
– be careful crossing the street. I was hit (that’s dramatic. I was barely run into) today.
– Sarajevans stare for a few seconds past a comfortable level.
– cemeteries are created according to the neighborhood and amount of available space. the newer ones are all outside of the city.
– no one is diagnosed with PTSD because everyone would be diagnosed with PTSD.
– Sarajevans are utterly frustrated with their current political system (3 rotating presidents, 3 different states within the Federation of BiH and the Republika Srpska, and numerous cantons in the Federation) because nothing is ever accomplished.
– store clerks do not like breaking any size of bill.
– drinking espresso is more than acceptable at any time of the day.
– being pushed and shoved into a trolley bus that is empty is quite normal.
– Bosnian food is flavorful but never has an ounce of spice in it.
– Sarajevans are surprised when English is spoken (I’ve had more than one person actually run into me they were so… taken aback by my language)
– many Sarajevans (I assume those who are not Muslim) do not enjoy hearing the call to prayer 5 times a day. I do.

the Olympic Mountains from 1981. now littered with land mines.
Olympic Hills

time to head to the center of old town (Baščaršija), meet up with my roomie and grab some postcards for my dear friends, leisurely drink coffee at a cafe while people watching, have dinner, trek home, and watch Lost. my life is glorious :)

one of many, many buildings the government refuses to renovate from the war.
Old Town


One thought on “observations of a Sarajevan

  1. Cathy Arrington

    I loved the calls to prayer when we were in Dubai. Remember that fondly plus the hundreds of shoes & sandals outside the mosques!

    Keep blogging and attaching those beautiful photos of the surrounding areas.


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