improperly walking?

now, this is going to come across as selfish and totally American, but I hate the lack of personal space in Sarajevo. firstly, its entirely strange to realize that I cannot remember when the last time a human touched me. I’m not an overtly affectionate person, but hello, I love hugs. secondly, when I walk down the sidewalks, which are terribly narrow, and a person is coming straight toward me, he/she will not move. ever. I have tested this, and have had several people smack right into me. thus, I am constantly ducking and veering out of the way. the same is true with cars. they will get within inches of any pedestrian and never swerve out of the way (again, I experimented with this and was promptly hit by a car).

I don’t really understand it, nor do I care to. at least the tourists have arrived in Sarajevo and I will have fellow Americans ducking out of the way by my side. as a side note, its entirely weird hearing English again. every time I hear the magical words of my native tongue I get a little happy. turns out, I need to learn another language. et le français il est!

“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.” –Robert Louis Stevenson


5 thoughts on “improperly walking?

  1. Suzi

    How do the Sarajevans (?) manage to avoid bumping into each other? I guess it’s like driving on the left side of the road in British countries – you get used to it. Watch out for those cars, though!

  2. Nora Canty

    Since we haven’t heard otherwise, I’ll presume you were not hurt with the recent auto impact. Sounds like a busy city…NYC is crowded, but the citizens are more assertive.

    1. turnthisway Post author

      I was being a tad dramatic. I wasn’t “hit” but more-so just slighty run into. I am fine :)

    1. turnthisway Post author

      well, it certainly will not be as much as a shock as when I arrived in the Amsterdam airport after leaving Kenya. I swore I had never seen so many white people in my life. of course I had, but holy white people! oh and french too, please :)


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