historically lesser known

I recently sent out 16 identical postcards (yes I’m that cool) to a lovely assortment of friends. the photo was an autumn image of the Latin Bridge (Latinska ćuprija in Bosnian). now, there are several small pedestrian bridges in Sarajevo. why this one? it was the site of the assassination of Austro-Hungarian throne-heir Franz Ferdinand June 28, 1914, thus, the immediate cause for the beginning of World War I. yes, in Sarajevo. I happily walk across the bridge each day on my trek home from work. he was staying at Hotel Europe with his wife, which is only blocks away. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt also stayed there during their April visit.

Latin Bridge

do I assume you all are “uneducated” and didn’t know that WWI began in Sarajevo? of course not. because I didn’t know either. I had heard of Franz Ferdinand (no not just the band) but I hadn’t realized the murder took place in Sarajevo. its actually an intricate story. I’ve received several comments from friends that I sent the post cards to (I wrote on the front that the bridge was where WWI began), and wanted to follow up on my blog! and heck, once I leave Bosnia/Europe this blog likely will be more about my life in Denver and my final year of graduate school, and I might as well help educate/share while I still can!

side note: I only have 10 days left in Sarajevo! I haven’t fully booked my August travels yet (due to extreme financial complications, thank you loans) but I’m in the planning stages of my itinerary which I am happy to share once it is finalized.


One thought on “historically lesser known

  1. Cathy Arrington

    Really interesting to learn the importance of Sarajevo in world history. Thanks for the lesson!


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