I’ve had some erratic food patterns in the past, to say the least, including a few month stint as a vegan for a project in high school, and spent years as a pescetarian. further, if we are friends IRL (in real life…) then you are likely aware of my other food habits (if you don’t know then either contact me or stay blissfully unaware!).

I’ve never been a huge fan of red meat, although I did love my father’s home made blue cheese hamburgers and the occasional steak. however, before heading to Bosnia for the summer (where it’s nearly impossible to survive without red meat) I realized that I should at least test my body with some red meat. so, while home in delightful Portland, Oregon, I asked my dad to prepare his daughter some meat! he took me to the nearby meat store (butcher shop?) and the meal he prepared (steak salad with mixed greens and gorgonzola) was totally delicious.

a few weeks ago my dad emailed me an article stating that the meat market/restaurant we went to is ranked in the top 10 nation wide for best new restaurants! the Laurelhurst Market is a mere 5 blocks from my parents home. score for NE Portland! definitely made me feel happier about the choice I made to finally start eating beef again.

the market


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