job searching and searching and searching.

So. I’m frustrated. I’ve been applying for jobs for an entire year now and I’m reaching a point where it’s difficult to find agencies that I haven’t yet applied with. I’ve interviewed with several different agencies however they’ve all ended with the rejection email. Just so I don’t sound totally whiny, I know my situation could be worse. I know the economy is tough, I know I could be unemployed, and I know I could be a lot less educated and experienced. There is a job, if not countless jobs, that I would be amazing at. That being said, I am still frustrated, feeling rejected, and questioning my career intentions. I won’t list everywhere I’ve applied because I’m almost embarrassed of how many applications I’ve sent out and to be honest I don’t even entirely remember (I’ll make another post on what exactly I want to do with my life).  

I don’t like admitting defeat. I’m young, well educated, talented, friendly, confident and experienced. I interview well.  However, this process is actually starting to get to me. I can’t wait for six months from now when I can laugh at this entry when I’m employed and happy and saving the world (although I said that six months ago, and six months before that).  

What’s my next step? The same steps just likely a bit more vigorously. I’ve found my second wind and I’m just going to have to make it happen for myself.


One thought on “job searching and searching and searching.

  1. Kiki

    Don’t be ashamed to apply to an agency a second time. I sent in numerous copies of my resume to my current employer (I sent them updated versions once every 3 months). It’s by no means my dream job, and it doesn’t pay fantastic, but it pays better than a lot of other jobs I applied for and I make more money than I did as an overly educated waitress. Some days still irritate the crap out of me, but it’s a step in the right direction. I know what you’re going through, I’ve been there. Keep trying, something great will come your way :)


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