desperate for my dream.

I just exclaimed to the twitter world that I just applied for my dream job. is this true? mostly. I’m at the point of desperation for a job that any job paying over $40k, with a semi-international focus, semi-applicable to my field, has now become my “dream” job. It’s officially been over a year since I have been job searching and about nine months since I have been seriously searching (aka nine months since I graduated) and I don’t have much to show for myself besides a handful of interviews and a few hundred rejection emails. I wish it wasn’t so difficult to move to a developing country and help people and make a meager salary. but it IS.

so what’s next? a change of field? a change of city or country? I wish I knew.


4 thoughts on “desperate for my dream.

  1. Ryan Linstrom (@ryanlinstrom)

    Took me 11 months after graduating (almost to the day) before I found the job I wanted. Hundreds of rejection letters, multiple interviews that led nowhere, and an increasingly low self-esteem. But, in the end – I caught myself a good one. Hang in there. You’ll find it.

    1. christine

      thanks – it’s just so hard to stay focused on what I’m even looking for. I do have great experiences and confidence and I know I WILL find something but this process totally sucks.

  2. Nora Canty

    It is very difficult to keep your spirits up when there has been so much rejection, but the Christine I know and love very much needs to shine and smile. We know the right position will happen just like your friend said. Don’t let a pessimistic attitude slow you down. Sometimes that negativism can show through when applying for a post.

    1. christine

      thank you for the encouragement! I wouldn’t say I’m pessimistic as much as just incredibly and increasingly frustrated. but… it will work out!


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