should I stay or should I go (now)?

cheesy lyrics aside, I have been presented with a very tantalizing offer to move to right outside of a Seattle with a very close girl friend. and honestly, I don’t know what to do, although I am leaning toward Seattle. I’m originally from Portland so I most certainly love the NW but I haven’t lived there since 2004, and I don’t feel as if I am ready to leave Denver. I haven’t explored this state enough, ever been skiing or snowboarding (feel free to shame me for this), hiked a 14er, or spent enough time outside of Denver. yes, I have been camping numerous times, been to the mountains, been to concerts at Red Rocks, ran the Colfax half, went to DU, been to the original Chipotle, spent time in Boulder, went on brewery tours, went to GABF twice, played corn hole in Wash Park, etc. don’t worry, I have lived a Denver life at tad, at least.

I feel like I need a change. I clearly love Denver. but I have had an extremely difficult 3 years here. I know that moving to Seattle will not cure any problems I may have and they will certainly follow me, but I have applied for more jobs in Seattle in the past week than I have in Denver in a month. and I have no idea why. I hate moving. I don’t own a car and I’d have to buy one (and have no finances to be able to do so). I have some friends and support system here. yet I do have several friends in Portland and I’d only be a few hours from almost my entire extended family. so yes, I feel extremely conflicted on what to do. and as of now, there is no job waiting for me in Seattle. I miss the water, west coast living, Trader Joes, even cheaper rent in a much nicer apartment, slower pace of life, etc. plus it’s a new city in a familiar area.

I’m open to any insight, commentary, and advice :)


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