redefining “new year, new you”

confetti dropping at Decadence in Denver, NYE 2011/2012

I’m not a big new years person. I’ve never really made resolutions – or stuck to them – and I never really gave the ‘fresh start’ notion a try. You could infer that I’m a pessimist and don’t give myself enough credit to stick to my resolutions or that I believe I am above the cliche new diets and discounted gym memberships. Whatever the reason, I’ve never been a fan. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve most certainly had fun on NYE, most notably my junior year of high school when my family and I traveled to Australia, and NYE 2011/2012 in Denver with a weekend of concerts with amazing light shows. Further, I’ve been single for the past three years and always feel awkward when it comes to the infamous midnight kiss. The past few NYE’s have been almost too much fun – lots of drinking, concerts, cute boys, staying out until morning, and smiling all night long. Unfortunately, I had a more than horrible new years eve this year. I’m not going to get into any detail but all I can really say is that I am officially taking control of the “new year, new you!” slogan and decided that I get to be a new me whenever I want, it just won’t be in January.


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