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my relationship with running

I’m running my second half-marathon in 88 days. here are some recent insights about my relationship with running:

  • I like running but I don’t love it yet. I run alone and it’s difficult to push myself for those extra miles and extra speed. I can run 4 miles without stopping but 13 still feels very daunting, especially at my goal pace.
  • I need to run with music. I tried running without an ipod twice and it was almost disastrous. also, I run faster and for longer when I run to music that has a heavy dubstep beat. I don’t like skrillex but I’ll take a 7 minute mile over a 10 minute one! (my electro-loving friend joked that I am running from the music!)
  • how I eat affects my training (duh?). I need to be more aware of the fats/salts I intake and really strive for total health.
  • I much prefer running in the evening. I tried running before 9 am. I’m tired, the temperatures continue to increase (it’s been 100+ all week in Denver!), and I just don’t perform as well.
  • I need to include more than just running into my training. I can’t currently afford a gym membership but I do own a bike and  of course can do stretches/yoga/ab workouts at home or at the park.
  • running is not as inexpensive as people think. yes, it’s free to run outside. however, without proper shoes, gear, and a reliable app or watch, it’s difficult to perform at your maximum potential. I need new shoes and I’d really love a Garmin 110 with a heart rate monitor but combined, these will put me back about $250! plus, race registration fees are steep. I’m paying someone $80 so I can go run 13.1 miles for fun? hmm.

13.1 is looming and I will be more than ready this time.