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Balkans. beach. beautiful. ballin’.

I must say… solo traveling is incredible. it’s been 4 years since I was in Europe and although there are places in the world I definitely want need to explore, I am certainly happy I am here! I never knew how much the Balkans had to offer. my bad!

I spent 3 nights in Budva, Montenegro, and 4 nights in Kotor, including a day trip to a few towns in Albania. Montenegro is absurdly beautiful. literally. Albania is extremely…. different. and worth visiting. I’ve been in Dubrovnik, Croatia for a day or two and have three or four left. I should probably check. 2 weeks left in Croatia/Europe!

what a shallow post. spending 10 hours at the beach might be getting to my head! I’ll be around for an actual update… soon? Croatia > blog.


where in the world…

…is Christine?!

it is finalllly time to head out on some much anticipated backpacking adventures! I will be starting with 2 girlfriends from my program, but I will be staying in Montenegro longer. then I’ll be on my own in Croatia, and meeting up with them again in Budapest. I cannot wait to backpack by myself for a few weeks! should be grand! (and yes I will be safe)

3rd-6th: Budva, Montenegro
6-10: Kotor, Montenegro
10-15: Dubrovnik, Croatia
15-21: Hvar Island, Croatia
21-23: Zagreb, Croatia
23-25: Budapest, Hungary
25-Sept 2: Washington DC
Sept 2: Denver!

after almost 9 weeks in Sarajevo, you will most definitely be finding me laying on the beach… reading, eating all things non-Bosnian, and smiling :)


and yes, I will actually be going there :)