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staying grounded.

Yesterday I had a long talk with a person I consider to be quite influential in my life and we discussed the notion of me staying grounded and present in my current (post-graduation) life even if it’s not at all what I imagined it to be. On my original blog (which essentially is this one, it just has a different name/theme now), I had a page entitled “staying grounded” which contained quotes I found to be inspirational and pictures from my many travels. I have set some “fun” summer goals for myself that I am surprisingly excited for and I think will make a significant impact on my life.

  • get a tan. the pool in my apartment opens in the next few weeks and I absolutely love laying by the pool with music on and just relaxing. and yes, I wear sunscreen!
  • redecorate my apartment. I’ve lived in my vintage studio for two years and haven’t really made it my own. I’ve had posters and pictures collecting dust and I just need to commit and finally hang them on my walls! I’ve been living with the notion that I will be leaving soon and it’s been nearly a year since I graduated and I am still here. might as well make my apartment chic and adorable!
  • demolish my half marathon time. last spring I ran the Colfax Half Marathon in (an embarrassingly slow) 2:47:13.   I ran an unofficial 2:35:15 last summer and my ultimate goal is sub-2:00! (but anything sub 2:20 would be nice). Right now I’ve been hitting about 10-15 miles a week at a much faster pace, bought some neon running gear that I love, and I’m enjoying running again.

So, will accomplishing these three goals drastically improve my life? Not likely, but I’m hoping I can do that on my own along the way.