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the freshest start.

walking across the Burnside Bridge this afternoon.

well, hello from Portland! in a quick turn of events, I now live in my own apartment in Portland (with the kitty, of course). I never thought I would end up back in Oregon – albeit an entirely new neighborhood that I hadn’t even driven through during my first 18 years residing here.

so here we go! another “fresh start” to add to my list… but the biggest and best news of all? I’m employed – in my field – with benefits! yeah, what a concept, I know, but this has been the most complicated and slowest employment process ever! I’m not doing entirely what I wanted to be doing, but I am doing what I know I am great at and I am very excited for my position and the population I’ll be interacting with. I’ll be working as a counselor at a small transitional group home with residents that are between 17-24 years old with varying levels of mental health and life skills. I started orientation on Monday and I’ll be continuing to train and start shadowing employees at several facilities around Portland until my facility is ready for me to begin. I’ve worked as a residential counselor before in Los Angeles and it is seriously intense work but I love it, I’m great at it, and I am more than ready to do this! oh and for the record – I signed a year lease. no more moving. cheers!


weighing myself on paper

I freely admit that I’ve had some difficulty realizing my own worth in the past year and I could use a confidence booster every so often. I’m not yet where I want to be in life and I express that quite often. However, two of my sorority sisters from LA coincidently were accepted into a similar program to mine at DU (they’re going to Korbel) and it got me to thinking about my own experience these past 2.5 years in Denver and what I actually have to show for myself. This is where the self-confidence booster comes in. In the past 2.5 years I:

  • Ended a 3.5 year romantic relationship (or, it was ended)
  • Got my first choice internship placement in my first year at the American Red Cross
  • Made new friends in a new city and state
  • Went through an incredibly difficult but much needed time for personal growth & health
  • Decided to independently travel and visit a friend in Kenya
  • Spent 2 months interning in Bosnia and solo traveled for 5 weeks across Eastern Europe
  • Spent time in Washington, DC with one of my besties Jane
  • Secured an independent second year placement at the African Community Center of Denver
  • GRADUATED with my MA at age 25 and with nearly 30 countries in my passport.

throw in a lot of sunshine, smiles, great meals, Rockies games, concerts, wine, all nighters, & netflix and yeah, you could say it’s been a good 2.5 years. maybe even a great 2.5 years :)