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under employed to unemployed.

under employed is a term I have heard frequently in the past few years – regarding people taking positions that are well below their qualifications and level just to attain employment in their intended field (or to even just have an income). I have been under employed for the past 15 months, for I’ve been working at a restaurant. Unfortunately, that restaurant closed this weekend and I am officially unemployed. I’ve known for weeks about the closure but it wasn’t public knowledge so it’s been difficult to ask for help regarding job searching until now.

The closure is a blessing in some ways – although I enjoyed working there, I do strongly want to use my degree and qualifications and do what I know I am great at and intended to do – which is not waiting tables. However, I don’t know if I have enough time to secure employment before I run out of money and have to make some necessary life changes. Do I stay in Denver? Potentially move back in with my parents for a few weeks in Oregon? Move to Seattle and stay with a close friend? I don’t know. Right now I’m really focusing on finding a career in Denver (I typically refer to it as a “big girl job”) but I might need to find another restaurant job to help bridge the financial gap.

If anyone has any connections or leads, regardless of city or country, please please send them my way!