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improperly walking?

now, this is going to come across as selfish and totally American, but I hate the lack of personal space in Sarajevo. firstly, its entirely strange to realize that I cannot remember when the last time a human touched me. I’m not an overtly affectionate person, but hello, I love hugs. secondly, when I walk down the sidewalks, which are terribly narrow, and a person is coming straight toward me, he/she will not move. ever. I have tested this, and have had several people smack right into me. thus, I am constantly ducking and veering out of the way. the same is true with cars. they will get within inches of any pedestrian and never swerve out of the way (again, I experimented with this and was promptly hit by a car).

I don’t really understand it, nor do I care to. at least the tourists have arrived in Sarajevo and I will have fellow Americans ducking out of the way by my side. as a side note, its entirely weird hearing English again. every time I hear the magical words of my native tongue I get a little happy. turns out, I need to learn another language. et le français il est!

“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.” –Robert Louis Stevenson