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fur is murder, right?


me (left) and my roommate. my sign shows the “rest of your fur coat”.

I live with a vegan, so my perspective has definitely been changing on the consumption and wearing of animals in the past two months. I do consume and wear animal products, I freely admit that, and thankfully my roommate doesn’t overtly judge me, or so she says! The majority of my closet doesn’t contain animals but I do love my Uggs, a particular pair of leather boots from Bosnia, and a bright pink wool blend pea coat that I couldn’t imagine giving up – and never considered that I might. Three weeks ago the roommate and I went to a protest outside of Nordstrom in Seattle hosted by Action for Animals and it totally opened my eyes to a world of animal activism. About 15 of us politely stood outside of Nordstrom, holding signs and distributing pamphlets. Several families were disgusted by the graphic posters and said we should be ashamed of ourselves, others clapped in support. A few women walked by in “fur” jackets or vests and loudly exclaimed “it’s fake! it’s fake!!” likely out of their own guilt for us assuming they could be wearing fur.

Here is my question, can I be an activist for animals if I continue to eat and wear animals on a regular basis? I do eat animals and I wear them – that sounds totally weird to say, but it’s true. Talking about eating and wearing animals makes me uncomfortable, yet I am directly contributing to their death. So, will I continue to eat animal products? As of now, yes. I do cook and consume a mostly plant based diet – it’s way easier to cook a meal for the two of us that we both can eat – but I do eat animal based products almost every day. I would never, ever buy anything with real fur, but a lot of people do, and I’m wearing leather boots right now. How big is this grey area? Where do you stand on animal rights?

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated… I hold that, the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man – Mahatma Gandhi.


new beginnings in the pacific northwest

greetings from a new state and new time zone! I moved to the Seattle-Tacoma area about a month ago and have been happily settling in ever since. I haven’t found employment yet but I did have two different interviews this week for jobs in my field, which feels great to finally have actual movement. It’s hard to enjoy my new surroundings with literally no money in my bank account but living half a mile from the Puget Sound after being landlocked for three years is simply amazing.

my birthday came and went a month ago and it scares me how close I am getting to 30 – however I know I have a ton of living and loving left in me. my kitten (ryan) has integrated well with his two new kitty siblings and is quite fond of the boy who is his age. my roommate, Deanna, and I just squeal about how adorable they are together. yes, we are crazy cat ladies.

everything feels different yet I am hesitant to update my blog. I’ve been job searching for so long and although I do have some actual prospects I am waiting to hear back from – it’s hard admitting how frustrating and lengthy this process has been. cross your fingers for me!

officially Seattle bound!

 I am moving to Seattle in 3 weeks! ahhhh! my new roommate (and close friend) Deanna will be flying into Denver and we will be driving my moving truck together over the weekend of October 19th. I can’t believe it’s all happening so quickly but it’s all official (30 days notice to my leasing office, her flight booked to Denver, etc) and it really just feels surreal. I had no intention of moving within the U.S. without securing employment first but this opportunity presented itself and I just knew that I needed this. Deanna and I both do. I absolutely love Denver and I’m already panicking about leaving this amazing city and state but hey, it will still be here. I can always visit or even move back.

Furthermore, my incredibly generous parents have gifted me with a car so I will have reliable transportation as soon as I arrive – after an overnight stop in Portland to grab furniture, say hello, and have my mom finally meet my adorable kitten Ryan. I finally feel as if my life is falling into place and I couldn’t be more excited to embrace my potential and finally be where I need to be. Big things are coming and I couldn’t be more ready or excited. Here we go.

should I stay or should I go (now)?

cheesy lyrics aside, I have been presented with a very tantalizing offer to move to right outside of a Seattle with a very close girl friend. and honestly, I don’t know what to do, although I am leaning toward Seattle. I’m originally from Portland so I most certainly love the NW but I haven’t lived there since 2004, and I don’t feel as if I am ready to leave Denver. I haven’t explored this state enough, ever been skiing or snowboarding (feel free to shame me for this), hiked a 14er, or spent enough time outside of Denver. yes, I have been camping numerous times, been to the mountains, been to concerts at Red Rocks, ran the Colfax half, went to DU, been to the original Chipotle, spent time in Boulder, went on brewery tours, went to GABF twice, played corn hole in Wash Park, etc. don’t worry, I have lived a Denver life at tad, at least.

I feel like I need a change. I clearly love Denver. but I have had an extremely difficult 3 years here. I know that moving to Seattle will not cure any problems I may have and they will certainly follow me, but I have applied for more jobs in Seattle in the past week than I have in Denver in a month. and I have no idea why. I hate moving. I don’t own a car and I’d have to buy one (and have no finances to be able to do so). I have some friends and support system here. yet I do have several friends in Portland and I’d only be a few hours from almost my entire extended family. so yes, I feel extremely conflicted on what to do. and as of now, there is no job waiting for me in Seattle. I miss the water, west coast living, Trader Joes, even cheaper rent in a much nicer apartment, slower pace of life, etc. plus it’s a new city in a familiar area.

I’m open to any insight, commentary, and advice :)