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the freshest start.

walking across the Burnside Bridge this afternoon.

well, hello from Portland! in a quick turn of events, I now live in my own apartment in Portland (with the kitty, of course). I never thought I would end up back in Oregon – albeit an entirely new neighborhood that I hadn’t even driven through during my first 18 years residing here.

so here we go! another “fresh start” to add to my list… but the biggest and best news of all? I’m employed – in my field – with benefits! yeah, what a concept, I know, but this has been the most complicated and slowest employment process ever! I’m not doing entirely what I wanted to be doing, but I am doing what I know I am great at and I am very excited for my position and the population I’ll be interacting with. I’ll be working as a counselor at a small transitional group home with residents that are between 17-24 years old with varying levels of mental health and life skills. I started orientation on Monday and I’ll be continuing to train and start shadowing employees at several facilities around Portland until my facility is ready for me to begin. I’ve worked as a residential counselor before in Los Angeles and it is seriously intense work but I love it, I’m great at it, and I am more than ready to do this! oh and for the record – I signed a year lease. no more moving. cheers!


officially Seattle bound!

 I am moving to Seattle in 3 weeks! ahhhh! my new roommate (and close friend) Deanna will be flying into Denver and we will be driving my moving truck together over the weekend of October 19th. I can’t believe it’s all happening so quickly but it’s all official (30 days notice to my leasing office, her flight booked to Denver, etc) and it really just feels surreal. I had no intention of moving within the U.S. without securing employment first but this opportunity presented itself and I just knew that I needed this. Deanna and I both do. I absolutely love Denver and I’m already panicking about leaving this amazing city and state but hey, it will still be here. I can always visit or even move back.

Furthermore, my incredibly generous parents have gifted me with a car so I will have reliable transportation as soon as I arrive – after an overnight stop in Portland to grab furniture, say hello, and have my mom finally meet my adorable kitten Ryan. I finally feel as if my life is falling into place and I couldn’t be more excited to embrace my potential and finally be where I need to be. Big things are coming and I couldn’t be more ready or excited. Here we go.