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tumbling over humor

It’s easy enough to find adorable kitten videos on youtube or venture over to the Onion but recently I have been seeking out humor through another website, Tumblr. I have a Tumblr account, which is a blog in some respects, although mine is geared toward things I deem pretty and things I deem funny. There has been a recent trend of establishing Tumblr accounts that are specifically targeted toward a certain facet of dry and more obscure humor and I personally love them. (note: some of my audience may not know what a “Tumblr” is, so just ignore this entry!)

my favorite humorous tumblrs:

Feminist Ryan Gosling

Teenage Mutant Ninja noses

Cats that look like Skrillex

Animals running into shit

Hungover owls

ugly Renaissance babies

texts from Bennett

any others to add?